KöR Teeth Whitening

Your smile says a lot about you, and a fresh, healthy smile can really change the way you feel about yourself and the way others see you. If stained or dull teeth make you feel like hiding your teeth, professional teeth whitening can help. Teeth whitening at Hobby Dental is a very popular treatment that will quickly brighten the appearance of your whole smile.

Even when you brush regularly, your teeth can still develop stains. This can happen because of the type of foods you eat, regular tobacco use, or aging. Whatever the reason, we believe that you shouldn’t have to settle for a dull, stained smile.

The KöR Difference

We offer KöR teeth whitening, which is much more effective than anything you can buy at the store. Professional teeth whitening products have been around for a long time, but KöR produces results that are really amazing. KöR is known to be the most effective permanent teeth whitening treatment available.

Most teeth whitening products can brighten your smile because they remove stains from the surface of your teeth. The difference with KöR is that it gets deep into your tooth enamel to lift stains that other whitening products won’t touch.

KöR is so effective that it can whiten your teeth by as much as 16 shades. Another advantage of using KöR is that it’s gentle and won’t irritate your gums like some whitening products. Professional whitening with KöR is also unique because it is the only product that removes tetracycline stains from teeth.

KöR Teeth Whitening Treatment

We always recommend a professional dental cleaning before we whiten your teeth. This is because we can get the best results when your teeth are completely clean and free of plaque.

The first step is an easy in-office treatment. Next, we take impressions that we use to create custom whitening trays that fit your teeth perfectly. The customized trays are necessary because we want the whitening gel to cover all surfaces, including the spaces around your teeth. This is important because it allows the gel to whiten all your teeth evenly.

Then, you take home the trays and wear them every night while you sleep for two weeks. After you’ve finished your treatment at home, we’ll make an appointment for you to come back to our Houston dental office. We’ll check to make sure that you’re happy with the results and to perform the final whitening treatment. You will then use your custom-fit trays to perform touch-ups once a month at home.

If you want to skip the office visits and do your own whitening at home, we’ll give you a set of custom whitening trays and professional gel. Wear the trays for about 20 minutes every day, and after two weeks, you’ll be amazed at your bright, beautiful smile.

Please Call Us to Schedule Your Appointment

Professional teeth whitening helps you look and feel your best. Please give us a call, and we will be happy to make an appointment that is convenient for you. We look forward to helping you enjoy the sparkling, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.